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Solutions for Boilers Industry

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Industrial boilers are generally used in power generation or gas supply, and widely used in energy, chemistry, buildings and heating supply. The safety requirement for boilers is higher and higher.

  1. The devices running status shall be known in time to record devices running parameters, you need grasp devices faculty and provide the after-sales service in time.
  2. Quantities of devices running data need to be collected to reduce the energy and manage for energy-saving and detailed managing requirement.


Remote monitoring solutions for industrial boilers can make manufacturers to monitor the device and analyze the data remotely.You can know the devices running faculty status in time to improve the after-sales service and technology researching.

  1. You can improve after-sales service. And you can know each device running and faculty status inside the company to monitor and test the program remotely, know and solve the devices faculty in time to improve after-sales service and quality to save unnecessary travelling and cost.
  2. Products technical parameters and running parameters can be known in time through collecting the devices running data, and lots of data supporting can be offered for industrial boilers energy managing and saving.