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Solutions for HVAC Industry

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Most air conditioners and cooling devices are without on-site keepers,with deep development of information and devices managing, the present IOT-FBox features for HVAC industry are as below:

  1. Devices running data and status can be checked anytime anywhere, and the key parameters can be checked remotely.
  2. Devices alarming information can received in time and devices’ historical data can be checked anytime.
  3. Devices can be managed remotely, devices files and maintenance information can be recorded and reviewed.
  4. Mobile APP can be provided to terminal users to monitor the devices remotely.


Simetrix can provide complete remote monitoring solutions for HVAC industry.

FBox connects the PLC on site and controllers, and pushes devices data to the remote cloud server through internet,manage and control the devices remotely through monitoring platform.

The detailed advantages are as below:

  1. It supports mainstream PLC, and can connect most air conditioners and cooling devices, and supports various surfing ways.
  2. Data can be monitored and devices can be managed through PC, mobile APP, wechat and web pages.
  3. It supports various clients solutions, and different authorities can be entitled to different users such as devices researchers, on-site engineers,terminal users etc.