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Solutions for Intelligent Agriculture Industry

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Modern agriculture integration managing and needs is higher and higher, and the marketing needs for HVAC system of the greenhouse is as below:

  1. High requirement for temperature controlling, all devices data from different greenhouses are needed to be collected to one platform for checking and analysis.
  2. All the data are needed to be summarized and analyzed to get the air conditioner running efficiency to maintenance and improve the low efficiency devices.
  3. Convenient for data maintenance to make different users to have different authority to check different data.


Simetrix can provide whole set agriculture greenhouse remote managing solutions to enable you with following functions:

  1. You can monitor all agriculture greenhouses’air conditioners though this platform, check the humidity information from time to time, and make in-time alarming for the faculty devices.
  2. You can summarize and analyze all data through this platform to get the devices running efficiency comparison, and maintenance for low-efficiency devices.