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Solutions for Machinery Industry

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With fierce competition in machinery industry, the benefits of machinery industry is smaller and smaller, the manufacturers must need update the products, improve the service efficiency to upgrade the devices. Part of manufacturers hope to establish one device managing platform to manage millions of devices, grasp those devices status and maintenance situation.

Clients hope to use the data:

  1. To provide the complete maintenance service for clients, improve the service quality to upgrade the enterprise on basis of products selling.
  2. To better analyze different types of devices parameters for products better researching and upgrading.
  3. Operation efficiency, using efficiency, using habits etc data can be summarized to provide data support for clients marketing for accurate sales and marketing.


Integrating orderly management of the devices running parameters can be enabled through remote communication modules.

1.Managers can check the data like real-time running status,parameters, faculty of each monitoring devices etc in same place, and can collect the data information of each monitoring devices, and push the collecting data to the cloud for processing and storage.

  1. Devices remote managing and monitoring platform functions are mainly including files managing, real-time monitoring and alarming, devices safety, maintenance and statics analyzing etc.
  2. WEB or APP can be offered for display, analyze, diagnosis and manage. It helps enterprises reduce devices managing cost, improve the devices managing and using efficiency, and improve the enterprise marketing competition capability.