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Solutions for Water-supply Industry

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2nd water supply pump room is the core for 2nd water supply.

  1. Water supply devices managing

Water-supply devices are more and more professional, and it needs factory professional technical engineers to do devices monitoring and maintenance, know the devices running status on time, record the running parameters in time, get know the devices faculty in time, and provide the after-sales service in time.

  1. Water supply pump room managing

Lots of gauges can be used for pump room and water quality testing, including door safety, video, turbidity,residual chlorine,smoke detector,water leaching,energy consumption etc information monitoring. Those information can be monitored remotely and manage the intelligent pump room remotely.


  1. Equip one or two FBox to get PLC data or other gauges’data according to actual needs.
  2. Using Ethernet or mobile card to surf the internet, FBox pushes the data to the center server of cloud monitoring center.
  3. Remote monitoring software based on B/S frame can get data from the server to monitor and manage intelligent pump room. You can visit it through Web interface anytime anywhere.
  4. The data from each devices, running parameters of the mobile devices, alarming and historical data can be checked through mobile APP.